Dear White Liberal Men: Get up and Fight!

Dear White Progressive Men of America:

We the black people of America were waiting for you to lead the country in revolt against #NotMyPresident and the GOP; but, December 19th has come and gone and it looks like it is not going to happen. I still have hope but I’m afraid that for the majority of you, your eyes are open but your muscles to fight for what is right in this country are frail from lack of use. The last time you were really challenged to fight for your beliefs, and against the political system, was the Vietnam War. When the richest and smartest of you were just as likely to be drafted as your poorest and uneducated neighbor, you took to the streets and you burned the flag your forefathers fought and died for. Alas, in 2016 your revolutionary spirt is fat and out of shape. Michael Moore, the fat and out of shape filmmaker, is however a white guy that has great revolutionary fitness! As a black Bahamian-American, Moore seems so American to me; at least the American archetype we were lead to believe above all – liberty, freedom and justice for all, and when it is missing, you fight for it (slavery notwithstanding, but I suppose it is folklore). Is Moore’s revolutionary muscularity because he is filmmaker? Is it because he is rich, so has the freedom to revolt but you just tryin’ to make some money to feed your daughter or something?  How come he can deadlift for an America that he believes should be inclusive for all and you can’t – isn’t it your country too? Does he embarrass you? He is fat, unstylish, and willing to wildly speak the truth…he and Van Jones were one of the only two to see the approaching Trump Presidency with clarity, but he was ignored as “fringe”. Is this because America is the domain of misogynist, racist, white men who are only concerned with their own wellbeing? Let me know dog, because I know you are out there and man, we black folks need your solidarity and help right about now.

Have you read New York Times columnist Charles Blow lately?  The brother is devastated, like a high school freshman that got jumped by a bunch of seniors while all his boys stood by watching (happened to me once). I felt shaken and alone. That’s how it feels to be a minority right now in America. It feels like our white liberal buddies don’t have our backs. It is not just a color thing: you ain’t lifting a finger for voters in North Carolina, the planet, the folks who need health care. Thank God for the Veterans who stood with our Native brothers and sisters at Standing Rock. What will it take to make you stand up, take to the streets, get back in shape? I know you are out there, doing quiet work in the background. But man, it’s time to get loud like Michael Moore.

I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but black Americans’ revolutionary muscles are ripped and in excellent shape, mostly out of necessity. Someone has always been trying to take us out. When it comes to fighting for what we believe is right, and for our people – we’ve had no choice. We are that guy doing pushups with one hand, dude; we are the Black Panthers. Did you see how we climbed that dam flagpole and ripped down that flag, insisting that you understood that our lives matter? There is a big march organized by the fittest revolutionaries in this country being held after the inauguration of #NotMyPresident. Ask those amazing American women – of all races – to make a special accommodation for you. But today, for all of us, the key is to do something. There is too much at stake: your lives, for example, your families, and your democracy.    

Updated December 20, 2016

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